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The next four week Class will be March 15 - April 9, 1999

The California Basic Educational Skills

Test Preparation Class will focus on test-taking strategies particular to the CBEST question types. A special emphasis will be placed on a review of mathematics. We will review reading comprehension skills to enable students to read actively and to help them understand, interpret and analyze passages. A review of techniques to help students develop ideas to write a clear organized essay is also included.

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Required Text:

Title: The Best Test Preparation for the CBEST-California Basic Author: Stanley L. Swartz, Mary F. Andis, Charles W. Funkhouse Publisher: Research and Education Association Purchase:
Online at Amazon.com

Instructor Biography:
Instructor Maria Natera-Riles, ED.D.
Dr. Natera-Riles received her doctorate in education from the University of California. Her educational experience includes 35 years of K-12 and university teaching and administrative experience.

About the Content: The "content area" is broken into distinct parts to help the student tell where they are within the structure of the site. For example, the instruction is divided into four sections, Sample Test Results, Reading, Math and Essay writing. In addition the instructor will provide feedback to students submitting their essays via email or FAX.

Participant Resources

Online Conversations: The Class has four distinct threaded discussions where the student can access conversations from the instructor and other students in the course. You will be able to compare notes, talk about problem solving and share ideas. This window will be a floating window so you can access the bulletin boards from whatever point in the workshop. This is a four week course.

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